Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Niantic Seal, Inc. is a distributor and fabricator of thermal interface materials including phase change, gap fillers and a wide assortment of heat sinks. We provide high performance, high quality, and integrated thermal management solutions for electronic components. Niantic application engineers have designed thermal solutions into a broad spectrum of applications.

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Industries Served


  • Military / Defense & Homeland Security
  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Electronics consumer and commercial
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • GPS Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Power & Alternative Energy

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Performance Material Partners

With over 47 years of experience working with high-performance, tight-tolerance sealing applications Niantic Seal has worked with more than 100 top quality vendors worldwide. Our Performance Material Partners include:

Niantic Thermal Management Niantic Thermal Interface

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Chomerics manufactures a broad, innovative line of thermal interface materials. These products have been designed into thousands of applications and help guarantee the performance, integrity, reliability and durability of communications equipment around the world. Niantic is an authorized Chomerics fabricator.

Chomerics Thermal Materials

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JSM Extrudit

JSM EctruditAluminum Heat sinks are custom cut extrusions that absorb and dissipate heat from another object using thermal contact (either direct or radiant). Heatsinks are used in a wide range of applications wherever efficient heat dissipation is required for cooling electronic devices. JSM is a custom fabricator specializing in Quick turn rapid prototyping.

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Fabrication Capabilities

Niantic Seal reinvests and continues to expand the fabrication department. In 2006, Niantic built an applications lab to better support customer needs. We understand the need to stay in step with current technology to provide high quality, tight tolerance products that are competitive in the global market. Parker Seal has designated Niantic Seal as a Sealing Technology Center distributor.

  • CAD Services
  • CNC Machining
  • Die & Rotary Die Cutting
  • Kiss & Laser Cutting
  • Slitting & Splicing
  • Custom Assembly
  • Customized Procurement, Inventory & Forecasting
  • Specialized Packaging Services
  • Bar Coding
  • Custom Labeling
  • Kit Assembly
  • Material Color Coding
  • Military Specification Packaging
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Quality Standards

  • ISO 9001

  • ITAR Registered

  • SAE AS9100

  • MIL STD 45662 for calibration

  • ANSI ASQLZ 1.4-1993 for sampling procedures

  • MIL I 45208 for military inspection purposes

  • Welding per ASME Section IX Boiler/Pressure Vessel Code

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Value Add

Niantic Seal delivers superior sealing solutions by applying extensive technical expertise and fabrication capabilities to the world’s best sealing products.

  • Bar Coding
  • Custom Labeling
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Wrapping
  • EMI/RFI Testing
  • Hydro & Helium Hose Testing
  • Kit Assembly
  • Managed Inventory & Forecasting
  • Material Color Coding
  • Mil-Spec Packaging 

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