Parker TechSeal

Parker TechSeal® line of extruded rubber profiles. Extruded rubber profiles are made using a hot vulcanization process from standard or custom profiles. Extruded rubber profiles offer an effective and affordable solution for many sealing applications, and are especially useful when a large-diameter profile (too large to be molded) is needed, when hollow or unusually sized solid O-rings are needed, and as a source of low-closure force seals.


Our technical sales force can meet with you to provide on site product selection and design support, whether you require standard extruded rubber gasket or a custom extruded rubber seal.


Parker TechSeal® line features small diameter precision cut, and large diameter lathe cut seals. TechSeal products include:

  • ParFab™ Spliced/fabricated gaskets
  • ParFab Extruded profiles
  • Tetraseal™ Lathe cut seals
  • Filter seals
  • Drive belts
  • Special lathe cut profiles
  • Long-length extruded seals
  • U-Channel
  • Solid and Hollow-O
  • Solid and Hollow-D
  • Solid and Hollow Square
  • Rectangular
  • Hollow-Dart 


Custom extruded rubber profiles are available in a variety of configurations including:

  1. Spliced rings (hollow and solid)
  2. 4-corner PSA-backed spliced "picture frame" gaskets
  3. Custom fabricated extruded rubber gaskets
  4. Cut-to-length product
  5. Bulk cord with or without PSA backing; coiled or spooled


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