Air Compressors & Accessories

Air Compressors & Accessories

D.L. Thurrott Air offers a complete range of products covering virtually all compressed air technologies and applications.

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From the back yard mechanic or small wood working shop to a large industrial processing or nuclear power plant; we have the air compressors and associated products to meet your requirements.

From compressed air systems, air dryers and variable frequency drives to air treatment, filters, process cooling & chillers as well as blower systems, we have it all. 

We represent the top manufacturers in the business.  Proven industry leaders like Atlas Copco, Champion, Mako, Pneumatic Products Corp., Deltech, Pneumatech, Zanders, Hydrothrift, Manchester Tank and more.

Reciprocating Compressors

D.L. Thurrott Air is a distributor for two of the leading manufacturers of piston type air compressors.  We have piston compressors ranging from 2 HP through 30 HP.  Various configurations are available including base mount, tank mount, engine driven or duplex machines.  Both manufacturers offer lubricated and oil-free units. 

Atlas Copco Air Compressors

As the world’s largest manufacturer of air compressors, Atlas Copco has set the standard for performance and reliability.

KT Series

The new KT series of compressors are no exception bringing out the best in quality, cast iron construction and backed by a standard 2-year bumper to bumper warranty. Brochure

L Series

These industrial aluminum piston compressors are available as both lubricated or oil-free with pressures up to 435 PSI.Brochure


KT Series technical data chart. Click to Enlarge

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Champion Air Compressors

With over 85 years experience in designing and manufacturing air compressors, Champion has developed an extensive line of reciprocating compressors for many applications.  Champion compressors are available in splash or pressure lubricated designs as well as electric driven or engine driven configurations.  Champion also offers a complete line of oil-free compressors for medical and other critical air applications.

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Atlas Copco Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors

Atlas Copco

Backed by 100 years as the leader in compressed air, Atlas Copco products offer the very best in quality and efficiency.  Innovation and integration have been the cornerstones to Atlas Copco’s product development.

Throughout the product range Atlas Copco is the only manufacturer to offer products such as integrated dryers, filters, condensate separators and energy recovery systems.  Atlas Copco was also the first compressor company to introduce Variable Speed Drive packages.  The complete line of lubricated compressors can be found on the tables below:

Small to Mid-Sized, Lubricated Screw, Fixed Speed Compressor Packages
Model Range HP Range Capacity Range (CFM) Literature
GX2 to GX22 3 to 30 8.5 - 133.7 PDF
GA5 to GA11 7.5 to 15 31.8 - 61.2 PDF
GA11+ to GA30 15 to 40 71 - 162.5 PDF
GA30+ to GA90 40 to 125 203 - 578 PDF

Variable Speed Drive, Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor Packages
Model# HP Capacity Range (CFM) Literature
GA5VSD 7.5 13-32 PDF
GA7VSD 10 13-43 PDF
GA11VSD 15 13-62 PDF
GA15VSD 20 34-97 PDF
GA18VSD 25 34-119 PDF
GA22VSD 30 34-138 PDF
GA30VSD 40 34-161 PDF
GA37VSD 50 51-259 PDF
GA45VSD 60 54-307 PDF
GA55VSD 75 54-365 PDF
GA75VSD 100 70-523 PDF
GA90VSD 125 87-606 PDF
GA132VSD 175 193-1142 PDF
GA160VSD 200 124-1212 PDF
GA315VSD 390 456-1802 PDF

Large Lubricated Screw, Fixed Speed Compressor Packages
Model# HP CFM AT 100 PSI Literature
GA90+ 125 640 PDF
GA110 150 746 PDF
GA110+ 150 771 PDF
GA132 175 854 PDF
GA132+ 175 892 PDF
GA160 200 1006 PDF
GA200 250 1242 PDF
GA315 350 1647 PDF
GA355 450 2191 PDF
GA400 500 2394 PDF
GA450 600 2835 PDF
GA500 700 3217 PDF

High Pressure Lubricated Screw, Compressor Packages
Model# HP PSI CFM Literature
GR110-200 150 200 553 PDF
GR160-200 200 200 742 PDF
GR200-200 250 200 937 PDF
GR110-290 150 290 475 PDF
GR200-290 250 290 814 PDF

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Atlas Copco Oil-Free Rotary machines

When considering clean, oil-free compressed air for your critical process, you cannot afford to compromise. Atlas Copco was the pioneer in oil-free compressor technology and now offers several different products to meet and exceed the demands of the market. Atlas Copco has recently achieved a new milestone: Establishing the standard for air purity as the first manufacturer certified ISO 8572-1 CLASS 0 air.

Rotary Scroll

The SF range of oil-free rotary scroll compressors demonstrates Atlas Copco's vast experience and knowledge in a unique package. Scroll compressors, first introduced in the refrigeration industry, operate at very low speeds and are extremely quite. With a capacity range from 5 CFM to 55 CFM, the SF series is a perfect solution for applications including: food processing, labs, medical and low pressure breathing air.

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AQ Water-Injected Rotary Screw

Atlas Copco has perfected the water-injected screw technology through the use of innovative components such as a bronze & ceramic element, stainless steel separator vessel and integrated RO filtration system. The AQ machine offers higher pressures than other oil-free machines and is by far the most efficient in its class. The AQ is available in both fixed speed and Variable Speed Drive configurations.

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Oil-Free Rotary Tooth

The Atlas Copco ZR/ZT15-50/VSD series are a compact, fully integrated compressor package in the 20 HP to 65 HP range. The units are available with integrated air dryers and energy recovery systems. The machines are certified ISO 8572-1 CLASS 0 and two sizes are available as Variable Speed Drive.

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Oil-Free Rotary Screw

The ZR/ZT 55-900 oil-free screw compressors represent the flag ships of the Atlas Copco compressor fleet. First introduced in the early 1960's, these machines have developed a well deserved reputation for reliability, longevity and energy efficiency. Atlas Copco was the first to develop oil-free rotary screw air compressors and throughout the years 'many have imitated but never duplicated'. Z series can be found in every major industry throughout the world and are relied upon for extremely demanding and critical applications.

Z-Series, Oil-Free, Rotary Screw Series Compressor Packages
Model Range HP Range Capacity Range (CFM) Literature
ZR/ZT 55-90 75-125 303-555 PDF
ZR/ZT 75-90 VSD 100-125 159-492 PDF
ZR/ZT 110-750 150-900 746-4109 PDF
ZR/ZT 132-900 VSD 175-1250 364-5204 PDF

Diesel Driven Portable Compressors

Atlas Copco introduced the first portable air compressor to the world over 50 years ago. Since that time, their line of diesel driven compressors have gone through continuous development and product improvements. The results are the most rugged, reliable and efficient portables on the market today. One of every three compressors sold in the world today is an Atlas Copco...find out why.

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Mako High Pressure Breathing Air Systems

Mako has been manufacturing high pressure compressors and associated products for the breathing air market since 1952. They are the U.S. leader in the Fire & Safety market and were the first in their industry to become ISO certified. When it comes to protecting those who risk their lives to save others; Mako stands ready.

Aircharge – The Aircharge system is a budget priced compressor and purification package rated at 5,000 PSI and available in 5, 7.5 and 10 HP

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Breathing Air Module – Available in either 5,000 or 6,000 PSI configurations, the Breathing Air Module is the highest quality SCBA compressor package on the market.  The compact design requires limited floor space with superior access to all service functions. Available in 5 HP through 25 HP.

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Breathing Air Center – The Mako Breathing Air Center is a completely integrated breathing air system. The compressor, purification, and containment fill station are all packaged in one rugged cabinet to facilitate installation.  Units are available in 5,000 or 6,000 PSI, 5 HP through 25 HP.

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Mobil Systems (vehicle mount and trailers) –  Mako offers complete systems which can be customized to mount directly on an emergency response vehicle. Complete trailer packages are also available containing the compressor, purification, containment fill station and ASME storage cylinders.

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Containment Fill Stations – The ultimate in safety and convenience, Mako fill stations are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and the steel chamber offers maximum protection in the event of a catastrophic failure. Mobil fill stations are available for vehicle mounting.

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SCUBA Diving Systems – The Mako Compact Series are lightweight, portable compressor / purification packages designed to serve the SCUBA market.

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Condensate Treatment

D.L. Thurrott Air carries a full assortment of compressor condensate treatment products including oil / water separators and automatic drain valves.

Oil / water separators – Protect the environment and reduce disposal costs by separating the oil and water discharge.

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Automatic Condensate Drains – Insure proper draining at all condensate points and reduce energy costs with 0-loss drains.

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Compressor Controls

In terms of energy consumption, compressed air is one of the most costly power sources in most facilities. Significant savings can be realized by applying controls to operate the system at the most efficient point.

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Pipe, Hose Reels and Accessories

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Ultrachem Compressor Lubricants


D.L. Thurrott Air has been a distributor of Ultrachem specialty lubricants for several years. Established in 1965, Untrachem is an independent blender of synthetic lubricants for many compressor OEM's. Direct replacements for most 'compressor branded' lubricants and coolants are available at a fraction of the OEM costs. Ultrachem synthetics offer superior performance with:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Reduced change-out intervals
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Reduced Environmental impact
  • Wider temperature performance

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