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The INSCO Group of companies is thoroughly involved in every industry it represents. You may see us at industry expos, conferences, or any number of sponsored events throughout the year.

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December 2012
DL Thurrott Solves Problems with Custom Systems

A castings manufacturer wanted to transfer acid from a bulk tank to 5 separate dip tanks.

We supplied systems that added water and chemicals to those dip tanks which they used to clean their manufactured parts.  We discussed how they wanted the process to happen, and ended up providing a package that:

A.)        Allows them to select the tank (1 to 5)

B.)        Allows them to start and stop the pump based on a visual level in the tank.

C.)        Has a built in safety precaution which allows the pump to run only while the operator holds the pump button in the “on” position.  If the operator has to leave the area, the entire system shuts off.

This customer also uses a flushing process that requires city water. The system will not allow the acid and the city water to flow at the same time.  The operator must hold the water pump button in the “on" position for it to run, thus preventing the acid from back flowing into the water lines.

For more information on custom systems, please see: DLT Customized Systems 

September 2012
ISPE Product Show next month!
Visit DL Thurrott at ISPE Boston!

Visit DL Thurrott at booth #98 & register to win an OGIO Computer Backpack! For details, please see the following: ISPE Flyer.pdf 

ISPE Product Show: Wednesday, October 3, 2012, Gillette Stadium Clubhouse, Foxboro, MA

For more information and to register, please visit the ISPE website: 

September 2012
Innovative Sealing Solutions

 Do you have an enclosure where standard seals aren’t working?  Problems with compression set, premature aging, or large enclosure tolerances causing leakage?  Call Niantic for a solution specific to the needs of your application.

Featured Product:  Custom Seal for outdoor telecommunications box (see graphic to the right).

Parker’s Tech Seal Division developed a seal that met the requirements of flexible gap size, fungi resistance and reliable sealing in driving rain conditions.

Call Niantic Application engineers to review your specific application and let us design a solution to meet your sealing requirements. We can be reached at 1-800-795-6820

September 2012
Vogelsang Pulsation Free Positive Displacement Pumps
Vogelsang Pulsation Free Positive Displacement Pump

Positive displacement pumps have long been associated with pulsating flow. Pulsation and shear can be a drawback in many applications.  The unique design of the Vogelsang HiFlo Rotary Lobe Pump addresses these issues.  Features and capabilities like self-priming, dry running, small foot print, pulsation free operation, low shear and inline serviceability all make the Vogelsang a versatile pump.  With the various sizes available, flows from 5gpm to 6,000gpm can be achieved.   An added benefit to Vogelsang’s rotary lobe design is lower energy consumption, In many cases, less than half that of the equivalent sized progressive cavity pump.

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are a fit in nearly any industry, pumping everything from products with water like viscosity to molasses.  Vogelsang pumps are currently operating at breweries and wineries, pulp & paper mills, industrial waste water plants, chemical plants, ceramics plants and many others. 

In addition to rotary lobe pumps, Vogelsang manufactures the RotaCut inline macerator, with benefits like comparative low cost, dependable operation, easy installation and easy inline maintenance which make the RotaCut a popular alternative to the traditional twin shaft macerators.  The RotaCut is widely used in food and beverage, pulp and paper, as well as, municipal and industrial waste processing.

DL Thurrott is the exclusive industrial distributor for Vogelsang products in New England and upstate New York.   

If energy efficient, low shear, no pulsation pumping would benefit to your process, please contact us to discuss the Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pump. 

Call or e-mail us at 800-795-7024 or dltri [at]

August 2012
Tuthill Gear Pumps For OEM and High Viscosity Applications
Tuthill Gear Pump

Tuthill has been producing pumps in the Chicago area since 1927. Their gear pumps range from small magnetically driven units to large industrial pumps suitable for aggressive high viscosity slurries.

OEM applications such as electronics cooling and medical devices are ideally suited for Tuthill's magnetically driven pumps. Available in a variety of metals and engineered plastics, these seal-less pumps provide the flow you need independent of pressure requirements. The pumps are extremely compact and cost-effective, virtually pulsation free, and can be powered by AC or DC motors. Flows range from 3 to 650 gph and pressures to 250 psi.
Tuthill's broad selection of industrial gear pumps are especially suited for difficult applications for high viscosity (up to 20,000,000 ssu). The HD line of pumps will handle fluids up to 525° F, with high viscosity and solids along with the capability of intermittent dry running, all in a compact package.

The Global Gear models handle flows up to 550 gpm and pressures to 200 psi. These pumps are designed for OEM use providing high performance at a cost effective price. As with all Tuthill gear pumps, they will supply a constant flow regardless of pressure. They work great in lube oil systems.

To learn more about Tuthill pumps, vacuum pumps and other great pumps, and blowers that D.L. Thurrott offers, call us at 800-795-7024 or visit our website

June 2012
Making the Most of an AODD Pump’s ADS Benefits

Knowing a system's full capabilities can make it easier for plant operators to maximize energy efficiency.

To find out more, please see the following whitepaper from Wilden on maximizing ADS: Wilden Whitepaper.pdf 

If you would like to discuss the benefits of ADS further, please contact us at D.L. Thurrott. We can be be reached via telephone at 1-800-795-7024, or by email at DL Thurrott.

June 2012
New Transporter® Oilfield Fracturing Hose
Transporter Oilfield Fracturing Hose

Niantic is pleased to announce the introduction of HBD/Thermoid, Inc. new Transporter® Oilfield Fracturing hoses. Available in both 4” and 3” IDs, and with a rated working pressure of 400 lbs., these new hoses are excellent solutions to the highly abrasive and demanding Oilfield Fracturing application.

Produced with a highly abrasion resistant Carboxylated Nitrile tube and cover, the Transporter® Oilfield Fracturing hoses were developed to exhibit the same rugged durability and performance that our customers have come to expect from Thermoids's other Transporter® hose products.


For more information on Transporter® Oilfield Fracturing hoses, please contact us at 1-800-795-6820 or via email at Niantic Seal

February 2012
Extreme Chemical Resistance
Parker ULTRA Compound FF580-75

One of the most challenging elements in sealing is Chemical compatibility. When it comes to having aggressive
chemicals or a wide range of chemicals in your process stream, you need a material that you can depend on.

Parker ULTRA compound FF580-75 could be your solution, According to in-house testing, FF580-75 was proven to have best in class chemical resistance compared to Parker’s own offering as well as the “leading” competitors in the market.

For more information, please read Parker's Problem Solved case study: Parker Problem Solved study

February 2012
Injecting & Metering of Biodiesel Additives
Injecting and Metering of Biodiesel Additives

Hydra-Cell metering pumps exceed API 675 performance standards for accuracy, repeatability, and linearity while providing virtually pulse-less flow in the production of biodiesel fuels.

For More information, please see the following: Metering_Biodiesel_Additives.pdf  

January 2012
EnviroGear Design Enhancements Overcome Long-time Challenges
EnviroGear Sealless Gear Pumps

EnviroGear seal-less gear pumps have been designed to eliminate all of the operation concerns found in old-style seal-less gear pumps, including excessive bearing wear and a fluid chamber design that complicates operation and limits product range. In addition, EnviroGear's simple design, which consists of only seven primary parts, greatly reduces maintenance and environmental costs. The result is a new genus of seal-less gear pumps, one that does away with the operational shortcomings that helped stigmatize past seal-less pump designs while remaining cost-effective for the end-user. 


For more information, Please see the following article: EnviroGear Sealless Pumps 

January 2012
O-Zone Attack!

Are you concerned with product degradation as a result of ozone? Give Niantic Seal a call! One of our Sales Engineers will review your application and make a product recommendation.

Our sales team can be reached at 1-800-795-6820.

For more information, please see the following case study: O-zone Attack.pdf 

January 2012
DLT Air Field Service & EPA 608 Compliance

Two of our D.L. Thurrott Air Field Service Technicians, Randy Clark and Randy Dixon, have recently completed a training course in refrigeration.  The course covered the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of refrigeration
  • System and component measurements
  • Commercial and industrial chillers
  • Maintenance and diagnostics
  • Energy conservation and efficiencies
  • Safety procedures
  • Regulatory requirements

After successful completion of the program and the Technician Licensing Certification exam, both technicians are now EPA 608 compliant.  We now have a total of three employees certified in refrigeration.

For more information on our Service offerings, please see: D.L. Thurrott Air Service Center 

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