Systems Design

Custom Designed Pumping Equipment

D.L. Thurrott, Inc. represents industry’s leading pump manufacturers. These technically advanced products, coupled with D.L. Thurrott’s specialized pump knowledge, ensure that our customers receive the optimal pumping solution each and every time. Couple this with our design, engineering, and application expertise and we can provide a turn key system. Work with us to provide equipment as simple as a pump mounted on a portable cart or as advanced as one with multiple pumps, motors, variable speed drives, sensors and safeties. These systems are assembled and tested in our facility and then shipped to you. We provide systems for high end sanitary as well as industrial transfer applications.

Custom Designed Air Product Systems

D.L. Thurrott Air Products has complete systems design and fabrication capabilities. We can design and fabricate complete compressed air skid packages which include air compressors, receivers and air dryers assembled on a common steel frame. All of the components are pre-piped with single point termination connections. These packages have resulted in significant savings to our customers in terms of reduced installation costs.

Sanitary Applications

Oxygen Removal System

System removes oxygen from water used in beer brewing process

Sanitary AOD Cart

Wilden Biocor sanitary cart for use in various transfer applications

Medical Lubrication Feed

System monitors the viscosity of the media and automatically adjusts the mix to maintain consistent fluid properties for even coverage

Culture Growth Package

Aquaculture system for growing algae and metering food supply

Sanitary Lobe Pump

Jabsco lobe pump cart used throughout facility

Pressure Boosting

Triple Booster Package

Booster package with Aquavar variable speed drives to maintain constant pressure

Golf Course Irrigation

600 gallon system for automatic golf course irrigation

Cat Duplex High Pressure Package

2500 psi duplex package for lab testing

Pressure Boost

Booster package to maintain pressure in plant process

Duplex Aquavar Booster Package

Booster package for high rise apartment building for constant pressure

High Pressure Test System

High pressure system with chart recorder and variable speed drive for equipment testing

Air and Vacuum

Blower Package

Positive displacement blower package with inlet and discharge silencer

4 Blower Package

Custom four blower package with sound enclosure for use at a strip mall

Vacuum Priming System 1

Small vacuum priming system used in plant to prevent dry running of system pumps

Liquid Ring Ex-Proof Vacuum System

Vacuum system pulling explosive gases from process. Ex-proof electrical components

Vacuum Package

Vacuum package used in laboratory application

Duplex Blower Package

Custom duplex blower package used in air knife application

Vacuum Priming System 2

Large vacuum priming system used to draw water from pond to irrigation pump

Boiler Feed/Condensate Return

Advantage Series Boiler Feed

DL Thurrott’s “Advantage series” boiler feed system. They are supplied in 25, 50 and 100 gallon as a standard design.

Vacuum Condensate Return

Vacuum assisted condensate return package is custom designed and replaces the obsolete systems supplied many years ago.

High Pressure Duplex

Custom high pressure condensate return system. High volume and high temperature.

Advantage Series Condensate Return

DL Thurrott’s “Advantage series” condensate return system. They are supplied in 25, 50 and 100 gallon as a standard design.

100 Gallon Custom Condensate Return

DL Thurrott’s “Advantage series” condensate return system. This system was customized for the customer to fit into an existing foot print.

This custom design will convert the square flange side mounted condensate pumps to an immersion type pump. This allows easy removal of the pump for repair without water spilling on to the floor.

Industrial Process

Duplex Process

Duplex system for chill water distribution through out the plant.

Heat Exchanger

Plate and frame heat exchanger package

Filter System

Process filter system with heaters, settling tank, bag filters and alarms.

Municipal Water Pump Skid

Pressure boosting system designed for municipal water system

Machine Tool

High-Pressure Machine Tool

Hydra-cel high pressure pump with filters and gages

CNC 31

Hydra-cell high pressure pump on cart with filters

Hydra-Cell D10

Hydra-cell high pressure pump, motor and gear reducer

Portable Equipment

Wilden AOD on Cart

1" Wilden pump on stainless cart with hose

Wilden Cart with Filter

1" Wilden pump on cart with bag filter

Wilden AOD on Cart

1 ½" Wilden pump on plastic cart

Jabsco Lobe on Cart

Jabsco Lobe pump on cart with motor and gear reducer

Miscellaneous Custom Systems

Chill Water Transfer

Insulated storage tank for chill water return

CAT High Pressure Pump

CAT pump with motor and belt drive

Metered Water Supply

Goulds pump with tank and water meter to report water usage

Oil Pump Skid

Roper large oil pump skid to feed high pressure process boiler at manufacturing facility

Process Filtering System

System to clean solvent returned from scrubber. Unit is equipped with heaters, bag filter and settling tank. Alarms are configured in the system for low temperature and plugged filter bags with remote reporting.

Hose Pump with Filter

Barnant variable speed hose pump with filter

24VDC Color Adding System

Vector hose pump with 24V DC motor for outdoor operation

Basket Filter with Alarm

Duplex basket filter set with alarm and remote notification.

Canned Turbine Skid

Goulds vertical turbine pumps in can for plant process water distribution

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