Boiler Feed & Condensate Pumps

Boiler feed pumps are at the heart of most power plants, and economical plant operation depends on reliable pump operation.

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Many pumps from the utility building boom of the 1950s–70s had larger capacities and more horsepower than previously supplied in order to meet increased plant size. As pump energy levels increased, so did the failure rate. Additional progress has been made through pump manufacturers’ efforts to address first stage impeller design, materials, and rotor dynamics.  As a result, good reliability of high-energy feed pumps is attainable. 

When upgrades are properly performed, an upgraded pump may well be “better than new”.   Returning condensate preserves the treated water and any heat that remains in the fluid.  Multi-stage pumps allow for smaller packages with sufficient head pressure to return it to the boiler room.  Also located in the boiler room are gear and screw pumps used to feed #4 & #6 fuel oil to the burner.

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Boiler Feed Multi-Stage Centrifugal

Multistage design brings the liquid into the eye of the impeller. Each stage feeds the next stage. Higher performance is achieved by multiple impellers each of which generates pressures many times greater than standard centrifugal pumps running at the same speed.  These pumps have replaced the inefficient turbine pumps found in many boiler rooms.

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Condensate Return

The goal for condensate return is to get it back to the boiler as quickly as possible preserving the remaining heat and reduce the need to add new water to the system. Returning condensate that has already been treated when it was added to the boiler reduces the need for additional chemicals. These pumps can be mounted on the side, through the top or close to the receiver.

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Burner Oil Feed Pumps

Oil feed pumps are used to circulate the heavy fuel oils, #4 & #6. The oil is heated in the tank and circulated through the system feeding the oil burner and returning the balance back to the tank. These pump provide a constant flow under high pressure.

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Boiler Room Systems

D.L. Thurrott, Inc. can provide a number of packaged systems for your boiler room. Our systems "Advantage Series" boiler feed and condensate return packages are designed, assembled and tested at our facility before you receive them. We also provide custom packages that make it easy for you to connect to existing system with no or a minimum of piping changes. We also provide oil pump sets to boiler feed to condensate return packages.

For more information on our custom engineered boiler room systems, please see our Systems Design page.


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Stainless Steel Condensate Return & Boiler Feed Systems

D.L. Thurrott, Inc. offers the Advantage Series stainless steel condensate and boiler feed systems. These systems can be customized to facilitate replacement of existing systems or meet special requirements.

Standard condensate flows to 90 GPM and pressures to 85 PSI.
Standard boiler feed flows to 42 GPM and pressures to 145 PSI.
There is an Advantage to stainless steel.

For more information on the Advantage Series line of custom engineered boiler feed and condensate return systems, please see our Advantage Series page.

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