General Industrial

General Industrial
Pumping Solutions for the General Industrial Market

Pumps are used throughout industry for a very wide variety of applications including simple chemical transfer,  chiller water circulation, fuel oil injection, food & beverage processing, high-purity duties in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors and too many others to list.

This vast array of tasks requires many designs, shapes and sizes (from very large to very small), to handle different fluids, flows, pressures, viscosities, particulates, corrosive and aggressive chemicals. The environments in which these pumps must operate can sometimes be extremely harsh such as highly sensitive explosion-proof or clean room environments, and everything in between.

D.L. Thurrott, Inc. offers the highest quality pumps for many of these applications. You can start your search by viewing our latest Product Line Card, or contact our pump experts in Customer Service 401.334.6880 for fast and accurate advice.

You can also request a visit by one of our Sales Representatives to assist you further in solving your pumping needs.

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