Electronic & Semiconductor

Electronic & Semiconductor

Pumping Solutions for the Electronics & Semiconductor Industry


Pumps are essential to the Electronics & Semiconductor industry. At the heart of this sector is the use of both high-purity and aggressive liquids and chemicals. These require pumps to transfer and apply them to specific applications, as well as to provide the necessary flow through sophisticated filtration equipment, without which the quality of semiconductor chips and other electronic components required world-wide cannot be achieved. In addition there are requirements for air knives to dry components after washing, heat and chiller loops to maintain constant temperatures in the process.

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Air & Electric Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps are used in various applications within the operation. These pumps can be used for a simple transfer of aggressive liquids from tank to tank or to meter chemicals into the process keeping the pH and chemical concentrations within tolerance. Chemical feed is controlled through custom built packages that sample the process fluid and then supply make up chemicals.

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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps (AODDP) are employed for a host of difficult pumping applications ranging from municipal sump to high purity operations. These easy to maintain pumps offer the ability to vary speed and pressure, self-prime, run dry and dead-head with the absence of leak prone dynamic seals. Proper pump specification will result in high return on investment.

ALMATEC's A-Series has been developed on the basis of extensive experience in the production of pneumatic diaphragm pumps and offers numerous advantages. Six sizes make it possible to choose exactly the right pump for the specific application. A variety of materials is available for the A-Series pumps:

  • Housing - PE, PE conductive, PTFE, PTFE conductive
  • Diaphragms - EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
  • Ball valves - EPDM, PTFE, stainless steel
  • Cylinder valves - PE, PTFE 

A-Series pumps made of PE conductive and PTFE conductive meet the ATEX requirements of the directive 94/9/EG.

Further features of the A-Series at a glance:
  • only three housing parts all made of the same material
  • connections in the solid center housing
  • three alternative port configurations
  • with ball or cylinder valves
  • same internal structure for both valve types
  • patented maintenance-free air control system PERSWING P® without dead center
  • composite diaphragms with integrated metal core
  • no diaphragm discs
  • integrated carrying handle
  • proof against dry running and overloading
  • self-priming
  • insensitive to solids (ball valve versions)
  • gentle displacement
  • can be infinitely controlled via the air volume
  • no drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals
  • unattended operation with long service life
  • compact solid design
  • easy to start up
  • integrated muffler
  • recessed tie rods with spring washers
  • vibration dampers with female thread on the underside for simple direct installation
  • low noise levels
  • optional features meeting requirements:
    • screw-on pulsation damper
    • back flushing system
    • barrier chamber system
    • diaphragm monitor
    • stroke counting

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Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Metering systems can range from complex pumping systems with fully automated closed loop flow control to simple manual additions of a certain ingredient during a time period. The requirement for a metering system versus a standard pumping system is usually the result of two important considerations. The first and foremost is the amount of fluid being added to a process is critical to ensuring the quality control of the end product. The second factor is the fluid being pumped. Does it have an associated cost that would justify a metering device over a non-metering device because overdosing the product would result in higher usage of raw materials and higher operating costs? While the control example still remains the major justification for a metering system, the age of continuous improvement (cost reduction and inventory control) has shifted batch processes to continuous processes, furthering the argument for lower rate and higher accuracy flow control.

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Centrifugal Pumps Including ANSI

Centrifugal pumps are used throughout the process for bulk tank inventory, chill water loops, heating transfer, and cleaning. They are dynamic machines that impart energy to liquids. This energy is transferred by changing the velocity of the liquid as it passes through the impeller. Most of this velocity energy is then converted into pressure energy (total dynamic head) as the liquid passes through the casing or diffuser. These pumps are supplied in numerous materials and multiple seal configurations depending on the application. The pumps can be close coupled with the motor shaft in direct contact with the impeller or frame mounted with a bearing frame and coupling between the motor and pump end.

ANSI Pumps

The ANSI end suction pump will conform to the B73.1 specifications and will "drop in" to an existing installation for a pump of like size. The pumps are frame mounted with the pump, motor, coupling and OSHA guard. They offer a variety of materials and seal combinations which allow them to handle aggressive and dirty liquids. Sealless mag-drive pumps provide containment where pumpage is very hazardous and leaks could cause physical harm.



Non-ANSI pumps typically have a tangential discharge which does not meet the ANSI B73.1 dimensional specifications and therefore are not drop in replacements. These pumps are normally less expensive than the equal ANSI equipment and offer fewer options. They are engineered for use on most phases of liquid handling. General purpose centrifugal pumps are suitable for many commercial and industrial applications such as condenser, chilled, and hot water systems in HVAC and process secondary pumping. Non-ANSI pumps are an ideal selection for applications that require easy-to-maintain, reliable, long lasting pumps.


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Positive-Displacement Blowers & Vacuum

Positive displacement blowers / vacuum systems have a wide variety of applications in pneumatic conveying, air knife and the general process where low pressure oil-free air is required. They are used to dry circuit boards after cleaning as air knife systems. They are also used to remove fumes where hazardous vapors are pulled from process tanks. These units can be supplied as individual units or as a package with filters, silencers, relief valves and controls.

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Boiler Feed and Condensate Pumps

One way to control costs is through efficient and reliable equipment which are easy to maintain. The "Advantage Series" boiler feed and condensate return systems developed by DL Thurrott. Inc. meet all of these requirements. The tanks are 304 stainless steel which provide long life and the pumps are top mounted. The pumps can be removed when maintenance is required without shutting down the system or water leaking from the pump inlet opening. Multi-stage pumps provide efficient return of the condensate or boiler feed water.

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Customized Systems

Often when new products are developed or a new line is added there will be a need for "special" equipment. There may be a requirement for additional filtering, pressure boosting, or simple fluid transfer. Our highly trained sales staff, technical representatives and engineers will work with you to offer solutions to your liquid handling needs.